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dismantling and demolition of buildings

  Dismantling company  

“GLOBAL NORDIC METALS” is a company engaged in various building and structure dismantling, land recultivation as well as different paving road and parking area construction. The company has all the necessary demolition equipment, which is the largest and most powerful render farm in the entire Baltic states territory. Thanks to that we can carry out demolition works in the short term and of a high quality. The company carries out different sizes of buildings dismantling works of special appliances. Each order of the quotations is assessed for each item individually. Price clarify can advance to performing the subject study.

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  Dismantling and blasting  

We are the only company in the Baltic countries, who owns – nine and a half tons (9,5 t) heavy hydraulic hammer with the percussion force of 26 000 joules (Hammer HP8000), the atomizer with almost 600 tonnes of great destructive power (VTN FP70), as well as in the Baltic states the largest Volvo excavator (EC700BLC).

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  Dismantling - Crushing  

For concrete structures that are demolished or refurbished, concrete crushing is increasingly being used to process concrete. Sometimes concrete waste is landfilled, but for recycling, crushing has several benefits, making it a more attractive method in the 21st century, when environmental ecology, environmental legislation and the desire to reduce construction costs are a priority. The concrete aggregate collected from the demolition sites is discharged through a crushing machine - a crusher. Only unmodified concrete is used in the crusher, and there must be no waste - wood, paper and other such materials. Metals, such as reinforcement, are accepted because they can be removed with magnets and other sorting devices and melt so that they can be recycled elsewhere. The pieces of the remaining aggregates are sized in size.

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  Dismantling and Equipment rental  

Front loader
Chain Escort - Doosan
Pulverizer - Atlas Copco
Hydraulic hammer - Atlas Copco
Bulldozer - Hanomag
Chain excavator - Volvo
Powder coaster - VTN
Hydraulic hammer - Hammer

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  Project development and financing solutions  

Our cooperation partner for the structural funds-solving process Innopolis Consultations JSC – one of the largest and oldest consulting firms in Estonia.

  Road construction  

  Dismantling equipment rental  

  Front loader - Liebherr  

  Chain excavator - Doosan  

  Bulldozer - Hanomag  

  Powder Coaster – Atlas Copco